The Miracles of Swamiji

As Shri Aurobindo puts it-
“Great saints have performed miracles; greater saints have railed at them; the greatest have both railed at them and performed them”.

It is very difficult to say anything about the definite place of miracles in the Society. We have to take them for what they are. Great people have performed them, but those who perform them need not be great. Even ordinary people have performed miracles.

To judge the greatness of a man, one need not go by the miracles he performs. Some may perform them; others may not. So miracle-performing is not the true basis for gauging the greatness of a person. Some use their miracle-making powers for selfish ends. A good number of them are dissolute persons and make a business out of that faculty.

Shri Aurobindo’s opinion on such yogis is given below in extenso-

“ I believe that all yogins who have these powers do use them wherever they find that they are called on from within to do so. They may refrain if they think the use in particular case is contrary to the Divine Will, or see that preventing one evil may be opening the door to worse or for any other valid reason, but not from any general prohibitory rule. What is forbidden to anyone with a strong spiritual sense is to be a miracle monger, performing extraordinary things for show, for gain or fame, out of vanity or pride. It is forbidden to use powers from mere vital motives, to make an asuric ostentation of them or to turn them into a support for arrogance, conceit, ambition or any other of the amiable weaknesses to which human nature is prone. It is because half-baked yogins so often fall into these traps of the hostile forces that the use of yogic powers is something discourage as harmful to the user.”

Shri Swamiji was a true Yogi and if he performed miracles, it was with a view to inspire devotion in his devotees and to induce in them an increasing faith in God. Prophets of God and great religious reformers before him have performed miracles. Did not Jesus Christ, Basaveswara and a host of others perform miracles? The super-natural events associated with them made the devotes God-fearing and religious-minded.

The Swamiji was a great mustic. The miracles that have been metioned earlier in this book indicate his high spiritual attainments. He used his Yogic powers either for healing the people or bettering their destinies or teaching them a lesson or in other words, the powers were wielded for good and noble purpose. What is it that he did? The instances need reiteration.

He asked a dead vulture to wake up and go. A dead calf came to life by his mere touch. The snakes in the blanket became lumps of gold. To the murderous Muslim who jumped on him while in well, he showed himself worshipping in a temple when the former was returning home. The salt water became sweet. He appeared at several places simultaneously before his devotees. He used to dive somewhere and float elsewhere. He cured diseases of the children by eating jaggery and then again, deaths tool place at the houses at which he threw stones and in the houses which were not stoned by him the persons suffering from Cholera survived. To the lady who asked him as to what to do, when her people were not stoned by him the persons suffering from Cholera survived. To the lady who asked him as to what to do, when her people were on the death bed, he touched her by the breast, pressed her against the ground and said “You had better go” and then the expected happened. Her people survived from the disease. He spoke to the stone image of ‘Nandi’ and made it walk. Some came to him for relief from their difficulties an on seeing them the Swamiji used to go to bed without even talking to them. In that way he would indicate to them of the dangers that would overtake them. To the urchins who came with offerings of food intended for him, he would say “No”, but would take something else from their hands and feel happy. At the time of Cholera, he caught the dedicated buffalo by its ears and asked it to go. Cholera went away along with it.

He once asked Shri Shivaramavadhootha to get him “Tumkur Chakli” and when it was brought, he asked for water from the holy Varanasi. It meant soem time to bring the holy water and when the holy water at last came, he ate ”Tumkur Chakli”. Thus many devotees were drawn to him at Chellguriki. He use to appear in his photos before his devotees. He also showed himself in person to some devotees at his “Samadhi”.

He performed many unbelievable miracles. Some mor are given below for the benefit of our readers.

Veeramma, a rich lady from Veerapura, near Chellaguriki was coming every week for the ‘darshan’ of Shri Yerrithatha. She used to bring food for the Swamiji. Swamiji used to know by his Yogic powes when she would come. Even thought he was asleep, he would get up immediately she arrived at the Mutt and be ready to receive the food offered so revenentially by the lady.

There was one Swami at Veerapura known as Kokkarachedu Lingappa, ‘Suruba’ by community but a ‘Yogi’ He would ask for food when he needed and eat if offered. But the was not particular. He would go away after eating or in the middle of a meal saying that the Swami was satisfied. The street urchins used to throw stones at him. Once he bled profusely from his head, but he did not feel the pangs of pain. Veeramma on one occasion had just stepped out of her house carrying food for Shri Yerriswamy when Lingappa appeared and said that he was hungry. But how could she give the food meant for Shri Yrriswamy? Veeramma went back for getting food for Lingappa. Lingappa, knowing this because he was a ‘Yogi’ himself said to her that the Swami’s stomach was full. Veeramma thaen left for Chellaguriki in the same breath. When she arrived, the Swamiji was fast asleep. It surprised her as he would always wake up to get up. How could he take the food which Veeramma didi not offer to the other Yogi, Lingappa, when he wanted it? It is only great people, the highly evolved souls that understand each other.

Chakubande Karibasiah already referred to as “ Daffedar” was on his way home. He broke the journey at Chellaguriki to have ‘ darshan’ of the Swamiji. Shri Yerrithatha was in deep Yogic contemplation. Karibasiah waited for hours but unable to wait any longer, he broke a coconut, brunt camphor and touched the feet of Swamiji. The Swamiji woke up from his meditation like an enraged serpent and cursed the man by saying “Let your house go to dogs”. Siddalingappa and others who were nearby remonstrated to the Swamiji, what swamyji,why did you scold the Diffedar like that?” The Swamiji replied that he had already shot the arrow and there was no question of recalling it. True to his curse, Karibasaiah’s family was ruined. The reason is Karibasaiah had disturbed the Swamiji in meditation.

Once it happened that for want of timely rains the crops were damaged. The people of the village approached the Swamiji with offerings of food. They sat before him praying for good luck. The thought uppermost in their mind was that he would take food if there was prospect of rain. Sri Yerrithatha did not show any sign of eating till evening, but the people were determined not to leave the place. He asked for a tumbler of water in which he dipped his hands and blessed the Patel with two fruits. Clouds appeared all of a sudden from nowhere and there was a heavy downpour.

A Police Inspector came to the Swamiji and prostrated before him when the latter said “Everything is gone”. The people were surprised; they did not know what was gone. But the Police Inspector’s post was gone in no time Policemen came and arrested the Police Inspector in the premises of the ‘Mutt’ As he was involved in Vakil Thimmareddy’s currency notes case at Adoni where he had given a false statement before the Court, the orders were to effect the arrest of the Police Inspector wherever he has, Somebody had lost the notes but the Inspector had the impudence to say before the /court that his notes had gone. So there is significance in the prophetic words of the Swamiji that “Everything is gone”.

But there is another story of a person who got back his job.

Kariveerappa a Vakil of Dharwar, was fined by the Court for an offence ina case and his ‘sanad’ was taken away. The worried Vakil approached the Swamiji and Shri Yerrithatha merely said that something good would happen to him. In a few days, the fine imposed on him. In a few days, the fine imposed on him was remitted. Kariveerappa came to th Swamiji and prostrated before him out of sheer joy. The Swamiji offered him a sweet-meat and bade him to continue his practice. As a result he got back his ‘sanad’ to practice.

Amadali Venkatappa had to leave his place on account of the plague epidemic. He had perforce to leave all his belongings in his house but then, he was a big man and had big transactions. There was the fear of robbers. He could neither go out of the place nor stay in it. Venkatappa sought the Swamiji’s protection and blessings as he wanted to go away from the place. On an assurance given by the Swamiji Venkatappa left the place. After his return, the nwighbours asked Venkatappa left the place. After his return, the neighhours asked Venkatappa to whom he had entrusted the custody of his house because they had heard the sounds of foot-steps at night. Somebody appeared to be coughing, Venkatappa was not surprised. Duly came his reply that the Swamiji was looking after his house. On hearing this, the thieves had not the courage to go near the house of Venkatappa.

Sri Niranjanaswamy went to Uluvi, the famous pilgrim centre, one or two months before the annual fair took place. A Swamiji from Belgaum had came there and asked Sri Niranjanaswamy to succeed him at his Mutt after his death. Sri Niranjanaswamy said that it all depended upon Sri Channabasaveswara’s grace and that he would intimate his decision the next morning. As it was intensely cold, Sri Niranjanaswamy closed the door and slept covering his body with blankets, somebody knocked at the door and said. “I am there; you must go over there’. He opened the door only to find that there was nobody. Then he proceeded to Chellaguriki, via Bellary where he heard of the greatness of Sri Yerrithatha. When he came to Chellagurki, he prostrated before the Swamiji who blessed him by saying. “It is I who came to you at Uluvi and asked you to come to this place. I have your things which you had better take”. What those things were nobody knows.

One day, devotees came with a fine-looking silk cloth and wore it round the Swamiji’s body. Sri Niranjanaswamy who was there, was attracted by the silk cloth and asked the Swamiji to give it to him. The Swamiji said, “Stay naked”. Sri Niranjanaswamy on hearing these words lost his balance of mind, took off his clothes and remained naked for some time.

Siddalingappa, the agent of the Mutt described the pathetic plight of Sri Niranjanaswamy when Sri Yerrithatha said, “All right”. The balance of mind of Sri Niranjanaswamy was restored and he put on his clothes. The Swamiji scolded him for such wordly aspirations. As a “Niranjana” should he banker after wordly goods? They had no place in the mind of a true Swami.

Several patients used to visit the Mutt seeking remedies for their ills. The Swamiji used to tell them, “Eat jaggery; drink butter-milk’. The patients could not make out anything as jaggery and butter-milk sounded inconsistent, but those who obeyed the swamjiji were cured of their diseases. There were several who were cured of leprosy after sprinkling the bath-water of the Swamiji of their bodies. Yamunamma is one such instance.

Sri A.G.Shamanna after he passed the intermediate examination made preparations to go to Mysore for pursuing his studies. Sri Yerrithatha appeared in his dream and asked him not to proceed to Myose. Sri Shamanna remonstrated with the Swamiji that it was rather difficult for him because he had made all arrangements. The Smamiji reluctantly said “In that case, you may go and come”. Within three months, Sri Shamanna’s father passed away. Sri Shamanna had to return to Bangalore. The Swamiji’s words “go and come” had thus an ominous significance for Sri Shamanna.

According to Sri Shamanna’s horoscope, a bad event was to take place in his 39th year. Astrologers were predicting that is in the year 1926, Shri yerrithatha appeared again in his dream and said to him that a saviour would be coming to save him Shri Shamanna exclaimed to the Swamiji, “ You are there “ ! Shri Yerrithatha replied that he need not be in doubt as he was always there to protect him. At that time, Sri Shamanna had no recollection of the bad event tht was supposed to occur in his 39th year. A week after that, Shri Ramalingaswamy came to Sri Shamanna’s house. When the bad event happened to Sri Shamanna in the year 1942, it is Shri Ramalingaswamy who saved him from the disaster. We do not know what disaster was because Shri Shamanna did not reveal it to anybody. As the result of the blessings of Sri Ramalingaswamy, Shri Shamanna was able to survive so long.

Veerbhadrappa of Boodugavi came for ‘darshan’ of the Swamiji at Chellguriki when he was staying in the patel’s house, Veerabhadrappa brought with him for the Swamiji, fruits, coconuts, betel nuts, betel leaves and dates. Shri Yerrithatha at once said “Take the dates”. After offering them, he again said “Shower rice”. Folding a betel nut in a betel leaf which he kept under his pillow, he slept veering himself completely. Before Veerabhadrappa reachd the place, the marriage had been settled and within eight days, it was solemnized. But soon after the marriage, Veerabhadrappa’s father died.

When Shri Yerrithatha was at Boodugavi, one Meti Malamma of Yelagonde came for ‘darshan’ of the Swamiji. He returned the offering s of flowers and coconuts to her as a result of which her marriage took place within eight days.

On another occasion, one Doddabandeyya came with furits and coconuts and prostrated before the Swamiji. Shri Yrrithatha said to him “Go. Go that side”. The consequence was that Doddabandeyya was severely assaulted on the very same day.

The Swamiji asked Mallaiah, a cowherd, to drink water. Even though he protested that it was enough, the Swamiji would not leave him, but poured the stream water into his mouth. The very night it rained heavily in the village. There was no end to the happiness of the ryots who had been suffering for want of rains. On the next day, Mallaiah was anxious to know the whereabouts of Shri Yerrithatha who had been caught in the rain, but was surprised to see him safely seated on the banks of the stream. The spot on which the Swamiji was seated had not at all become wet. Yogis are always like that. They have powers to control the elections.

Shri Joladarasi Doddanagowda had the good fortune of seeing Shri Yerrithatha in his dream when the latter blessed him with ‘Panchakshari Mantra’. Not being satisfied with the Swamiji’s appearance in his dream, he sang a beautiful hymn in praise of the Swamiji praying for his eternal residence in his heart. Once again, the Swamiji appeared in his dream and blessed him.

Once a neon sign-board was being written at the mutt. A doubt arose in Shri Shamanna’s mind whether the word “jeevasamadhi’ could be inscribed. Shri Yerrithatha appeared in Shri Shamanna’s dream and instructed him, “Let it be “Jeevasamadhi’” Some fools interred me while I was in yogic contemplation. He also assured him that a time would come when he would appear. That was not the time for preparing ‘Samadhi’.

Shri.A.S.Chandrasekhar, the eledest son of Shri.A.G.Shamanna, informs us that he is not quite wure whether this was an illusion or hallucination or auto-suggestion. There may be truth in it.

Srimathi Basamma, mother of Shri C.V.Chennabasveswara, the author of the Kannada Biography of Shri Yerrithatha, narrated an incident. She had no male issue. Bevinahalu Gowdappa Gowda’s wife took her once to Chellagurki. Even before the conversation began, the Swamiji said to Srimathi Basamma twise that “God would give”. After this visit, Smt. Basamma was blessed with a male issue which was no other than Sri. C.V.Channabasavewara.

There was also another male issue to her. This was because the Swamiji had uttered twice that God would give”.

Many used to go to the Swamiji seeking his blessings. Many used to go the Swamiji seeking his blessings. Many used to frequent the Mutt seeking his presence. Shri Yerrithatha used to speak but rarely. What exactly he was saying to the devotees and what exactly they made out of his words is not known. Even when he broke his silence, it was difficult to make out anything from his utterances. Expressions Sometimes the very words which he was uttering to himself became the answers to the devotees who prayed for his blessings.

He was often silent and to this saint, came people from all parts to have his ‘darshan’, Among them were the well-Known saints, Shri Siddarudha of Hubli and Shri Saibaba of Shirdi.

Shri Rudramuniswamy of Halvi Charanagiri Mutt, a great yogi himself, took ‘ darshan’ of Shri Yerrithatha on his way to uruvakonda. Shri Ramlingaswamy a great saint of South India was one such person who became a devotee of Shri Yerrithatha. Shri Ramalingawamy used to say that Chellaguriki would become the “ Kadirikam of the North”.

Shri Yerrithatha appeared before Shri Gowrishankaraswamy, the renowned Swamiji of Mysore when he was in ‘Samadhi’. Shri Shamanna who was with Shri Gorishankarswamy at the time related this.

Thikkayya who built the Mutt and left it when Shri Thatha asked him to leave was the grater among his disciples. He will ever be remembered for his service to the Swamiji and the Mutt. He sang of the glories of the Swamiji just as a poet would sing and in the service of his ‘Guru’ he worked as a slave would.

There was another who did selfless service to the Swamiji just like Thikkayya. His name is Shri Shivaramavadhootha. When Shri Thatha asked for “Tumkur Chakli’, it is this Shri Shivaramvadhootha who went to Tumkur to fulfil the Swamiji’s wish. He used to sweep the floor of the Mutt. He received the blessings of the Swamiji and became a ‘Siddapurusha’. He is really one of our great sages. His ashram and ‘Samadhi’, are at Hemakoota. About him, Shri Cahkubande Subbanna and Shri K. Shivashankar of Hospet have written two small books.

Among those have received the Swamiji’s blessings, Shri Joladarasi Doddanagowda is one such as has been narrated already. He had seen Shri. Thatha during his childhood. He has recorded his experiences of the Swamiji in his diary. He has sung of his greatness in his verses which have been published.

A prince among the Swamiji’s devotees, was none other than Shri A. G. Shamanna of Bangalore who had the unique good fortune of being interred in the premises of the Mutt in presence of the Swamijji. His services to the Swamiji form an unforgettable chapter in the history of the Mutt. He served the Swamiji with all his heart and wind. The credit for expanding the Mutt building, embellishing it in a hundred ways and providing facilities to the numerous pilgrims like suitable arrangements for worship, food and shelter goes to him. He used to collect money from the devotees of Swamiji travelling all over the country for the sake of utilising it for the good of the Mutt. Shri.A.G. Shamanna once observed, “Thikkayya is coming again”. Shri Joladarasi Doddanagowda nearby immediately said; “ Why do you say he is coming? He has already come and is wih us in the shape of Shamanna. What was once intended to be done by him is being done now by Shri Shamanna”. True words indeed!

Yamunamma, a Harijan woman, had been ostracized by her family as she was infected with leprosy. She sought the protection of Swamiji at the premises of the Mutt. Who would entertain her at the Mutt when her own people had driven her away? She therefore remained outside the main entrance doing service to the Swamiji by sweeping the verandah. As a consequence of her unassuming devotion, she became free from the fell disease. For rendering service to the Swamiji, no distinctions are recognised. What is required is whole-hearted devotion. What a great soul Shri Yerrithatha must be when he cured a helpless woman of her dreadful disease! His mercy is truly infinite.

Devotees of all communities are amongst his disciples. There is no question of this community or that community. Whether rich or humble, all belong to his fold A rich Chettiar form Chettinad came for ‘darshan’ of the Swamiji and out of reverence for the Swamiji, covered him with a pair of Kashmir Shawls and put gold bangles on his hands. Next morning, neither the Shawls nor the gold bangles were there. Siddalingappa, the agent of the Mutt, asked the Swamiji’s reply, “One who had, gave them; one who had not; took them. Better goaway”. So it is, when somebody gave anything to him he did not show any pleasure. When somebody took away, it was no cause for depression. Property and other such symbols have no attraction for Swamijis like Sri Yerrithatha.

Among those who rendered selfless service for the improvement of the Mutt, the names of Siddalingappa and Basaiah stand out.

A Short Note

Sri Yerrithatha of Chellaguriki and Yerriswamy of Belaguppe wre together for some time at Belaguppe. The Thatha had a small Linga around his neck. He used to plunge himself in one well and come out in another. At that time, he was 30 years old.

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