Shree Yerriswamy Dasoha Seva Sangha

Activities of shree yerriswamy Dasanga (Reg)’:

  1. Arrangement of ‘Prasada’ for the devotees visiting swamiji’s jeevasamadhi daily.
  2. Making food arrangements during the programmes being conducted by co-operative societies and other NGOs in the swamiji’s Jeevasamadhi yard’.

Services offered by shree yerriswamy Dasoha Seva sangha (Reg);

  1. Arranging ‘Abhisheka ‘ and ‘Anna Santarpane on any one day in a year according to the wish of the depositor who keeps a fixed deposit of Rs. 2008/- or more.
  2. Arranging ‘Annasantarpana’ on any one ‘ Amavasye’ if the depositor pays Rs. 10,000
  3. Arranging ‘ Annasantarpane’ on any one ‘Monday if the depositor pays Rs. 3000/-
  4. Arranging ‘Mahadasoha’ in the name of the the devotee on special days ‘Jatradya’ (Jeshta shudda shasti), ‘Huvina Rathotsava’ (Jesta Shudha saptami) and ‘Muttina Pallakki utsava ‘ (Kartika masa) if he pays Rs.25,000/-
Note: Devotees are requested to donate whole heartedly to ‘Shree Dasoha Seva Sangha’ and collect the receipt. They are requested to co-operate in arranging ‘Dasoha’ at ‘swamiji’s Jeevasamadhi’ by giving donations and receive blessings from swamiji.

A Short Note

Sri Yerrithatha of Chellaguriki and Yerriswamy of Belaguppe wre together for some time at Belaguppe. The Thatha had a small Linga around his neck. He used to plunge himself in one well and come out in another. At that time, he was 30 years old.

Pooja Timings

Morning 6 AM to 8 AM
Evening 6 PM to 8 PM

Contact Address

Trust committee
Shree Yerriswamy Jeeva Samadhi
BELLARY (Dist and Taluk)
08392-295401, 94804 75401
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